What is Silicon Rubber Insulator ? Where Silicon Rubber Insulator are used ?

High temperature vulcanized  silicone rubber (SIR)/polymeric/composite insulators are gaining wider acceptance as overhead transmission line insulators for extra high voltage (EHV) and ultra-high voltage (UHV) systems due to some promising features like hydrophobicity recovery, light weight, ease of handling and installation, better pollution flashover performance, admirable resistance against vandalism etc. 

The performance of polymeric insulators owing to their organic nature, and exposure to environmental stresses degrades over a period. 

Hence, long-term reliability of such composite insulators is of foremost concern to the power utilities. 

Composite insulator or Polymer insulator or Silicon rubber insulator has at least two insulating parts, such as a fiberglass core and a housing equipped with metal end fittings. 

To compare with the porcelain or glass insulators, it has many advantages and is a development trend.

It has Features like High strength, Less maintenance, Longer working life.

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