What is Aviation Light ? Why it is used ?


They have red light to avoid collision from aeroplane and helicopter, by putting red light pilot gets notification that there is some object. This is called aviation light or Aircraft warning lights .

Aviation obstruction light (aircraft warning light) is a high-intensity lighting devices that are attached to tall structures and are used as collision avoidance measures. 

Such devices make structures more visible to passing aircraft and are usually used at night.

Aviation lamps are high-intensity lights that are used to indicates the height of the building or tower to avoid aircraft collisions during nighttime.

They are placed on the tower to more visible its structure.

The lights are red color or ultraviolet and high intensity. 

The intensity of the lights will be around 200 to 2000 candles. i.e In a Normal car, we use around 25 candle intensity lights, then you just imagine about aviation lamp.

It delivers constant Illumines (Sometimes high intensity of/off cycle for few seconds).

Aviation Lamp should be installed if the tower height is more than 40 meters. 

The lights may be LED or incandescent or neon lamb, however, it should give the required intensity.

Sometimes in an electrical transmission tower, the aviation lamp may be energized either from the electric field surrounding the energized conductor, or the magnetic field produced by current through the conductor. 

The first approach takes advantage of the high electric potential gradient around conductors. 

The second approach is based on Faraday’s law of induction involving magnetic flux flowing through a circuit that energizes the warning light.

The main purpose of aviation lamps is to avoid the collision of the aircraft in the structure.
To make the tower visible at the night, these lightings are normally used.
At the same time, It used in airplane runways, to visible runways.

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