Why shunt capacitor bank used in substation?

Shunt capacitor banks are primarily used to improve the power factor in the network. They also improve the voltage stability and reduce network losses. Improving the power factor also means a higher power transmission capability and increased control of the power flow.

It is always desired to commission a capacitor bank nearer to reactive load, this makes the transmission of reactive kVARS removed from a greater part of the network.

Shunt capacitors operate at leading pf (like No-load over-excited synchronous motors)i.e. they consume leading VARs by delivering the lagging VARs.

A capacitor that is connected to a supply point or a ─║oad in parallel is known as a shunt capacitor. The function of this capacitor mainly changes based on the application. Throughout power transmission, there will be many troubles such as power factor, poor voltage regulation, poor efficiency & low-reliability shunt capacitive reimbursement is a technique to keep away from these issues.

This technique is used to get an enhanced power factor. In most power systems, an inductive load can be loaded. To recompense this load, the shunt capacitor is used by connecting to the load. This kind of compensation could be done toward the transmission level or substation level.

To enhance the reliability as well as security of a distribution system, the possible power supply should transmit through a particular transmission line. So this can be attained with the help of shunt capacitors like compensators to enhance the capacity of load carrying for the transmission line by controlling the flow of reactive power.

Generally, these capacitors are called power factor correction capacitors which serve different functions by providing several advantages like these are used at all voltage levels. When these capacitors are used at the location of the customer for PF correction otherwise for controlling the voltage at the distribution system,

Shunt capacitors, either at the customer location for power factor correction or on the distribution system for voltage control, significantly change the impedance variation in the system through frequency. These capacitors do not make harmonics, however, sometimes severe harmonic distortion can be credited to their occurrence.

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