Comparison of series and shunt Capacitors in Power system

Series Capacitor:

1. The main purpose of both capacitor is same (regulate the voltage and improve the power factor) but series capacitor does it directly reducing the inductive effective.

2. Series capacitor produce more net voltage rise.

3. Power factor improvement capacity is more.

4. It has a lesser effect of source current.

5. It can be used in underground cables.

6. Power factor improves much less efficiently.

7. Line losses reduce less efficiently.

8. For the overhead line system, this arrangement will not be used for increasing the voltage level.

9. Reactive power is defined as I2XC  

10. Ferro resonance effect is more important.

Shunt Capacitor:

1. Shunt capacitor does it by changing the power factor load.

2. It has less voltage rise at low power factor which produce more voltage drop.

3. It has less capacity.

4. It has higher effect of source current.

5. It cannot be used.

6. Power factor improves more efficiently.

7. Line losses reduce more efficiently.

8. Normally, it is used.

9. But in the case of shunt capacitor, it is defined as V2X

10. Ferranti effect is more important.

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